About Us

Here at Artistic Additions Tattoo Supplies, we strive to deliver  high quality tattoo products, continuous tattoo product  innovation, excellent customer service, and fast reliable delivery.  We offer free shipping on select tattoo products, and offer a huge  variety of tattoo products at the best prices.  

The Owner Larry Normile has been tattooing in the tattoo  industry for over 20 years. He lives and breathes the tattoo  industry. With pricing soaring through the roof he decided to  open a tattoo supply store and e-commerce. To sell supplies at a  competitive price range. In hopes to force the Tattoo Supply  Industry and distributors to keep it affordable for the artist. He  understands not all artist start off making great money but would  love to have high quality tattoo supplies.  

Here at Artistic Additions Tattoo Supplies we are building and  branding our own rotary tattoo machines and Cartridge needles.  With the goal to make them affordable and high quality. Yes we  are at the beginning stage of this process. We don’t just sell the  tattoo products. We also use them in Artistic Additions Tattoo  and all of our pro team members use them as well.  

Thank you to everyone that supports us. If it wasn't for you guys  and gals none of this would be possible.