Dermatec Xtra Small Goldstar Latex Powder Free

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Gold Star Line
            The Premium Powder-Free Latex Glove

8 mil thickness of protection with the feel of a 4 mil latex glove!


-Roughened surface for enhanced grip

-Superior tactile sensitivity

-Rated the highest in tensile strength and elasticity 

-Low rip and tear factor

-Low natural protein count, reducing possible reactions 

-Made with online chlorination, a process which results in a softer, whiter glove without the usual odors associated with powder free latex gloves

-Perfectly conforms to the hand for maximum dexterity

-Soft, supple, and ultra-stretchy, the gold star is deisgned for pro-longed use without tiring the hand; smooth and sleek interior

-Extreme comfortibility 

-Surpasses all strict FDA/OSHA, government and industry standards

-8 mil thick, offering better barrier protection against blood borne pathogens and bodily fluids; better protection for you and your patients yet it feels like a 4 mil