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Convenience. Speed. Precision. Execute your tattoos faster than ever with the help of S8's all-natural, vegetable-based RED Needle Cleaner.

When added to your rinse cups, RED Needle Cleaner actively removes ink, petroleum, and biological matter like vegetable waxes and oil from needle groupings- without additional wiping on paper towels. RED Needle Cleaner saves you time and money, as well as improves needle performance and reduces the chance of crossing or muddy-ing colors. 

RED Needle cleaner is compatible with all needle and cartridge technologies, and is safe for all skin types. 

The 25 unit pack is developed with the independent studio artist in mind. Each 25 unit pack represents 2 weeks worth of tattooing for the average artist in the US, which means its easy to know how much you have on hand. This bag takes up very little kit or workstation space, allowing artists the chance to neatly store RED Needle Cleaner packs. The bulk bag is resealable and easy to manage. Each individual unit has a tear-away top and narrow aperture optimized for quick and easy dispensing of fluid.





  • Add S8 RED Needle Cleaner to distilled water in rinse cups during setup.
  • Run needle in the rinse cup prior to introducing ink to blend S8 RED Needle Cleaner.
  • Use rinse cup by dipping needle groups into the cleaner to remove ink from needles, tubes, and cartridges.
  • Sachet can be split into two separate wash cups of approximately 2oz each. One can be used during the tattoo process and the other can be used to soak cartridge tips before use.