Slotted Pennington 6" Forceps — Black Plastic

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Stainless Steel 6” Pennington Forceps with Black Plastic — Slotted

These Pennington Forceps are coated in black plastic to provide corrosion protection. Black oxide coated also reduce light glares to help prevent eye fatigue and have the added bonus of overall visual appeal. These Pennington Forceps are a total of 6” long, with the inner tip measuring 13mm long and 7mm wide at the top. The slotted opening is 3.8mm, which will clear needles up to 8g. These forceps also feature serrated jaws for a secure grip and interlocking teeth near the finger loops.


  • Forceps Length: 6”
  • Inner Tip Length: 13mm
  • Inner Tip Width (at top): 7mm
  • Slot Opening: 3.8mm
  • Clears piercing needles up to 8g
  • Serrated jaws for secure grip
  • Interlocking teeth near finger loops